Visit Mexico – Bạn có Mẹo ở Mexico? Vâng


Lật ở Mexico. Bạn có Mẹo ở Mexico? Có bạn làm mẹ ở Mexico. Đây là sự cố. Người phục vụ và Bát Tươi 10-20% thêm vào hóa đơn …


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  1. This is a North American habit. Europeans should tip if they feel like and how much they want. I'd rather donate 200 euros to cancer research projects than tip workers who make anyway more money than most mexicans due to the religiosity with which us and ca citizens tip. Those who work on riviera Maya are among the luckiest overpaid unqualified mexican workers.

  2. it looks like you're losing a little weight. If you're doing it cause you're trying to, congratulations!
    great video. love seeing you and your wife and family! 🙂

  3. My Aunt and Uncle own a home and run a construction company in northern Yucatan, when we visited, they told me it's customary to tip the people who pump gas too, about 25 pesos. Also for food, don't forget the Mexican chicken 😉 and the pibil, salbutes, and chaya smoothie!

  4. I still can't get my head around tipping. It's a stupid practices because of bad employer/employee agreements. Employees should get paid what enough to make a living! not relying on tips!

  5. Great video! I've wondered the same about whether it's appropriate to leave tips in other countries, as there are some that may take offense to it; however, I've always received wonderful service in Mexico and was always sure to leave them a nice propina! Keep the videos coming!

  6. Thanks as always Mark. Just to endorse your comments below, whatever you think about tipping, and I think it's a ridiculous system which depresses earnings, that's not the fault of the worker. You are a guest in another culture, and you should try to do the right thing by your hosts.

  7. aren't you the most generous guy? i usually just tip the waiter 10% or 15% for excellent service, taxi drivers bar tenders and cleaning ladies get nothing! now i feel bad…

  8. Also if you go to the supermarket there will be a person next to the cashier who will put all of what you bought in bags. This person should also be tipped around 5-10 pesos depending on how much you buy

  9. Mexico is huge and has a ton of great places. Cancun is made entirely for tourists, so don't expect to live a real mexican experience there.
    FYI, you DO tip in restaurants, 10% is ok. in taxis you don't need to tip.

  10. Do not eat anything in Mexico, it's super dangerous, so many people get sick there. There is a lack of hygiene when it comes to food regardless if ur in an expensive place or a poor place.

  11. Mexican people don't tip. They get annoyed with American tourist that tip because they say that it ruins things for them because now they are expected to tip.

  12. This is for sure a rather unpopular opinion, but I think tips should be something you earn for doing your job notably well. I don't think tips should be there as the actual salary.

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