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Chỉ để thư giãn trên hòn đảo? Chúng tôi cũng có thể giúp bạn ở đó. Với spa đã từng đoạt giải thưởng, một dòng sông lười biếng, và các quán bar cạnh hồ bơi, Aulani, …


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  1. me and my girlfriend had book a trip through Expedia.com travel agency app to Casa De Campo resort and Villas 18558773643, in Dominican Republic and a rental car, for October 10th to October 17. When we arrived at the the rental place told us that Expedia did not put the correct money in for the car to be approved. The rental car company Dollar wanted $700 in order to rent the car to us. We were told by expedia that all we had to do was pick up the car even after we contacted them multiple times. they kept telling us the same information, and not acknowledging that, we were not told on the email that we had to pay, $700 for the car. Expedia told us that we only had to pick the car up. So we never gotten the car through Dollar car rental. The hotel named Casa De Campo resort and Villas, told us that in order to check in we had to pay $300 plus an additional $300 daily which would equal to $2100. To check in the hotel we needed $2100+$300, which equal into $2400. The rental car that we didnt get costed $700 + the resort $2700 =$3400. The hotel told us that Expedia only booked a room without anything else, and food and everything else was not included. Just a room was booked. Expedia said that we had everything included after the 100th phone with them and us going back in forth sleeping in our car down the block from the police station because we were homeless. Expedia had us on the phone for hours even hanging u, or just left on the line for hours. They kept giving us the same run around every time we call them. The hotel Casa De Campo 18558773643 resort and Villas, told us that they were returning our money back to Expedia because they didn't want nothing to do with the fraudulent booking of the trip. I want a refund. I spent my money at a cheap hotel in the slums, and rented a beat up car because we were stranded with limited funds. Expedia left us stranded in a foreign country. . Itinerary #7279765848656 Price 1489.32

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