Mila Kunis Bailed on World Series Game 7 for James


After learning how Mila Kunis became such a massive Los Angeles Dodgers fan, James sets up a television for her and Houston Astros fan Jim Parsons…


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  1. Sorry Mila….sad there had to be a loser to such a great series. It was a perfect year for the Astros to win the 1st World Series in franchise history……Go Stros!!!

  2. Wow! James and Jim must be so traumatized by their sexual assault! I mean Mila touched their arms and legs several times during the interview! This is front page news! To show how awkward they felt! I’m flabbergasted how the PC police aren’t all over this! I mean Adam Sandler only did a few knee slaps and he was painted as a horrible rapist. What about Mila? She has done far worse?

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