Ricky Gervais Talks Having the ‘Man Flu’


Comedian Ricky Gervais is back on the road for his “Humanity” standup tour, but the one thing slowing him down is a serious case of the “Man Flu.”


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  1. ? hi ? Ellen and you’re very awesome ? guest good afternoon now only I’m watching I really sorry ? wow 13 year now Ellen and Portia ❤️❤️❤️❤️ 1:25pm??time November 2 2017

  2. Bet no one likes my comment or me becuse ?charlie T crown emoji blocked me liek josh pumpkin emoji ?⚠?I'm use
    Less 4 you???didn't go out for Halloween yesterday at all no Candies or money missed school because they bully me fuck u all

  3. We millenials believe that dogs are better than humans and we don't deserve dogs. Ricky for not being a millenial it just took him longer to figure it out

  4. This is such a sad way to look at the gift of children. If their parents were selfish and decided not to have children they wouldn't exist and look at what a wonderful impact they have made on the world, Ellen especially. Children require sacrifice but they are a gift

  5. Both of them are right. There is more than enough people out there having kids, so makes sense for the odd couple here and there to say "Nah we are alright thanks" Love Ricky's point about why no asks people "Why do you have kids?"

  6. British Man Flu is absolutely the worst. Our men are literally taken off their feet by it. It can be fatal if they really piss us off enough with their poorly voices.

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