Chúng tôi cuối cùng đã kéo chiếc côn trùng và di chuyển vào một ngôi nhà ở Venice Beach, California. — Gửi cho chúng tôi công cụ: 2633 Lincoln Blvd # 921 Santa Monica, CA 90405 …


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  1. Can't believe I just realize you guys live here!!!! During that first part with the graffitied wall I spotted my work, Fala Bar on Abbott Kinney! Hope to see you guys sometime (:

  2. Could this be an more annoyingly self-absorbed? Please lose the stupid hipster hats and effeminate posturing. These guys are good story tellers and great film-makers but when they focus on themselves it quickly becomes intolerable. You want to bitch slap these guys and tell them to grow up and stop acting like twits. And I wonder about the girl… my girlfriend said "her 'man' sure doesn't act, talk, or look like he's straight." Who knows, maybe that's a hipster thing. It's too bad, I wanted to enjoy the travel videos, having visited 34 countries myself. But these guys are just way way too full of themselves.

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