Bannon đề xuất điều tra của Trump Defund Robert Mueller


Chỉ vì Steve Bannon bị buông xiá như Nhà chiến lược gia trưởng Nhà Trắng không có nghĩa là ông ta không thể tiếp tục đưa ra những ý tưởng khủng khiếp cho Tổng thống. Đăng ký…


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  1. Never before has any democratic nation wanted their leader removed from office more than America. It must really suck to be a Trump in America right now, knowing that more than half the nation hates you more than anything else in the world.

  2. That Times article about Trump's phone call is, uh, just go read it. It's weird. Trump tells the reporter he's doing great, he's not mad at all and things are going just fine and he certainly does not hate being president. "Honestly, I’m really enjoying it."

  3. Well what Bill couldn't do with his corrupt penis , Hillary is destroying with her cold black heart . Hey Bernie ya big wussy . You supported Hillary after you knew she stole the primary from you. Way to take one for the team buddy !

  4. Trumps not going to prison, he’s going to his own private Pablo Escobar style prison. I’m fine w that compromise, as long as it doesn’t have tunnels.

  5. So let's say trump gets arrested for treason or whatever, what happens to pence? Do they go after him or does he become president? Will he play dumb and act like he didn't know or what?

  6. fuk this jew bastrd lying dick i aint a trump fan either this mama boys job is too create a division in the american people period ya keep getting polorized by these idiots and youll see where it gets you the game is pretend things change but they dont you idiots keep voting and voting the system greek for sewer works based on the fact that its broke and you never catch on do you every 4 yrs lets get out and show the world what dumb fux you are by playing a game that has no winner ya pick one left or right red or blue same face diff mask but you,ll do it you always do you call your dumb decision your right to vote , i call it pathetic

  7. Colbert, what a loser. Why isn't he talking about the dirty Clinton's, the real criminals. Oh, that's right, they pay him and the other late night losers.

  8. Politically, Americans are the most naive on the planet. The problem isn't Trump. The problem is you that elected him. Trump will go away, but the problem won't until you change. You'll keep falling for lies and electing slimeball politicians that tell you rhetoric and lies. You'll keep voting the same two corrupt parties into power. When Trump is gone, American voters won't have changed a bit, and they will like the stupid massive ocean they are, just diehardly fall for another sleezoid. You'll defend your system of government as the best there ever is, but obviously, it's not. It's one of the worst, and because you refuse to see it, you have arrested change forever and forever will funnel huge amounts of wealth to this parasite class of greaseball on your back.

  9. Lol stupid idiot don't want to talk about Hilary Clinton. Even CNN admits that Hilary is a dirty Birch. But he knows really well that Clinton story will not sell. Trump is making him a very popular person. Like I said stupid idiot.

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