Dance Battle with the Stranger Things Kids


Stranger Things stars Finn Wolfhard, Gaten Matarazzo, Caleb McLaughlin and Noah Schnapp have a dance battle. Subscribe NOW to The Tonight Show …


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  1. These kids are amazing! I love them so much.

    Did anyone else notice that that Noah and Finn always changed places, whenever they came to stand next to eachother? A bit strange, but they probably just want for Noah to not look so small next to Finn.

  2. I love how all the boys are wearing sneakers and their nice Sunday clothes and finn is dressed like he's going to meet the queen, classy little fuck ain't he

  3. Say what you want about his dance moves, but man Noah killed it in season 2. He now takes the mantle for me being the best child actor on the show, and all kids kill it on this show. If the show continues hopefully they won't make Will a minor character like season 1 again. Noah is to good of actor to be under used like that.

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