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  1. 90% of the autobahn has speed limits. most of the autobahn has either the "standard" speed limit which is 130 km/h or lower due to environmental or "build" constraints. meaning if the next part has a lot of bends in it, it might be slowed down to half speed and such. or if there is a part of the autobahn that gets flooded if it rains a lot, there you have "if raining: 80" or something. 🙂

  2. Absolutely on point! I’ve been living in Germany for three years this time around and cutting in line or cutting you off on the road annoys me.Yes they still clap on the plane when landing.

  3. "If you have a german friend you have a german friend for life."
    That's so true! But you don't make a friendship that easily. First we call you a "Bekannter" which literally means "someone i know for some reason". After a while you can become a friend. And that's a win 😉

  4. I am hoping to visit my cousin in Berlin this year. I can muddle along in basic German language, but not fluent. But I always try to speak the native language at first, and people seem to appreciate it. I spoke basic French in Paris, a bit of Hebrew in Tel Aviv, etc. I think it’s polite.

  5. Germans are really nice people. They actually have to pay 2 bilions dollars to Poland for WWII but our old communist country said: "meh, doesn't matter you killed few milions of our people in concetration camps, you don't need to pay up" and they stamped it and now, they think they don't have to do it! 😀 how amazing germans are. Also concentration camps in Poland? They were polish to german people. Why? Well, they were made in Poland right? Must be a Polnisches Arbeitslager! Right? Gotta love zie germans!

  6. I didn't always love Germanic culture… I grew up half french/british so you can imagine… but i took german as second language, did two trips there where i stayed with german families in my teens and now I'm much older and for some reason I'm feeling drawn to it. I have huge respect for Germans. I think they are really a shining example in Europe with Scandinavians, pale comparison to the British… I want to try all the food again and just speak language etc, a language I somehow haven't lost at all in 15 years, which is really weird.

    Germany is just a cool country.

  7. 1. Yeah, thats very sad … I hate that
    2. true
    3. I think every Country have those. About the title-thing: in the past every offical (or even his wive or widow) were Adressed with "title" for example "Frau Postoberamtsratswitwe" –> "Mrs. widow of the second secretary of postal service " … but that is (luckily) long time gone … usally you only give "Doktor", Prifessor" or military ranks
    4. Yeah, german universities and language … my ex girlfried was from Austria and the Goethe University in Frankfurt asked for a language certificate because she wasn't german … do anyone know what the official language in Austria ist? … right, it's german!
    5. Well … better, I don'tm know, but as English ist usually taught at every school, most do speak ist
    6. Most … but not erveryone 🙁
    7. 😀
    8. …
    9. I think there are more speedlimits than not (and I think thats okay!)
    10. Yeah … absolute natural!

  8. Actually, most younger Germans (let's say younger than 40-45) ALWAYS jaywalk when there's no car coming, at least where I come from (Trier; check it out if you haven't already, Mark!). It's generally only grandmas and really uptight people who will actually scold others for crossing at red when it's safe 😉

  9. 3:20 this reminded me when I first watched Coppola's Dracula and there was this scene where Van Helsing leaves the teaching room and the students start knocking..I didn't know what it was back then..

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