Kathryn Hahn Bắt đầu Giáng sinh Giáng sinh Tháng 5


Kathryn Hahn bắt đầu vào lễ Giáng sinh sớm trong khi quay 'Bad Moms Christmas' ở Atlanta … bất chấp người chồng Do Thái của cô. Đăng ký "The Late …


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  1. "You just tried to convince me, and yourself, that the squirrel died, mid-flight."
    Really? The message I took from that is that the squirrel died in the tree and fell out. ?

  2. Why do American's have such delicate ears? For a country that loves to bang on about freedom of speech, ya can't even say balls on t.v never mind curse. Grow up

  3. If you think religion/god is REAL, You fucking up your own and childrens on being open realistic and uhhh learn, be a free thinker, and not afraid of challenging the "truth" of the natural world. Of course we have religious backgrounds/family histories, but if your religious and comment on it as truth, your basically teaching TOXINS! I don't know if it's REALLY stupid to believe in a god, however if that maybe, it'not stupid wishing there was one. Last point, if their is a god, he/she is a fucking PSYCHOPATH!!!

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