Kerry Washington ca ngợi phụ nữ ủng hộ phụ nữ


Nữ diễn viên Kerry Washington đã trò chuyện với Ellen về việc hỗ trợ phụ nữ khác, có thể đang làm văn phòng, và kết thúc "Scandal".


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  1. you should have IISuperwomanII on your show!!!she's an amazing person who's done so many wonderful things for girls in Africa, helping them have access to education! She's so talented, funny and kind, it would be awesome to invite her!!

  2. I tried so hard getting tickets to your show Ellen when I was in LA during April. I literally called in everyday for day of tickets. But the beginning of this clips literally made me so happy that sometimes watching people do good things to other makes me happy. Keep on being amazing and hopefully I can plan my trip next time so I can see you.

  3. Imani is so beautiful. She was genuinely happy for the 12 days of Christmas option. Makes me wonder if anyone has chosen a gift for themselves, as opposed to something that could have benefited the audience.

  4. I had such a bad day 😀 Ellen.. You´re my magical fairy that finds a way how to make me believe that people are actually good 😀 .. LOVE you 😀

  5. If only I could be that lucky to win that 10k so I can buy a car to go to work school and also take my son to school. But congrats to her. Ellen you are just an angel on earth

  6. This is why Kerry is the best person to play Olivia Pope. She’s a natural at being at a podium, and speaking out, and she’s great at monologues/speeches. And everyone knows Scandal is known for their “Bow Down To Me or Ill Ruin Your Life Monologues”. She kills them. She really should run for office too.

  7. Kerry is looking like a full course meal. BEAUTIFUL. And I love her interviews with Ellen. They're such a good duo. Maybe Kerry should be a co-host one day ??

  8. They keep saying she has great audiences and this proves it. You can see that when the girl gets the 10K – the rest of the audience is genuinely happy for her. You don't see that everywhere… ?

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