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Hi yêu! Tôi đã nhận được rất nhiều câu hỏi về phần mở rộng lông mi của tôi vì vậy tôi nghĩ rằng tôi muốn làm một video dành riêng cho trả lời chúng và kinh nghiệm của tôi với …


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  1. I love your videos but hopefully you have a mic coming in for your videos. There's always a slight echo and static-like background noise when you film in a room. Keep up the good work!

    You have beautiful hair and it would be great bc you haven't done a hair vid in to long

  3. Youre so so beautiful!!! I’ve been a subscriber for a long time now and you seem like such a good person. I hope you are always happy cause you definitely seem like you deserve the very best. Your videos are extremely helpful and I’m a big fan!!!!

  4. As a professional lash artist, your lashes are not being applied correctly and based on the length of your natural lashes, getting 14-16mm will damage your natural lashes over time. 14-16mm is doubled in the length of your natural lashes. And the "volume" lashes she applied is not properly wrapping on your natural lash. What she did was called "stacking". It's when they just put a bunch of lashes on one or more natural lashes. It's not proper volume. I recommend, for your lashes to only go to 12-13mm, D Curl or an L+ Curl in .05 or .07 (If you're going to do volume). If you like the staggered look, have your tech map out 8 or 9mm in the inner corners, increase to 12-13mm, end with 11mm, on the second layer, have her go 2mm shorter so it looks staggered and layered. 🙂 Water actually bonds the glue and the lash together, uneducated techs normally tell you to keep away from water because they're afraid the sets won't last as long because they probably applied them incorrectly, not checking their humidity levels, not disposing their glues every 6 weeks after opening, maybe getting too much oxygen into the bottle which dilutes the glue when squeezing, etc. There's a science behind all of it. You don't want them to get wet for the first 24-48 hours but you should be able to shower, get them wet after that and it won't effect them. Also, make sure to clean them all the time! 🙂

  5. So so thankful for you posting this video and giving us your opinions about eyelash extensions!! I've been thinking about getting eyelash extensions for awhile now because my eyelashes are basically nonexistent but was afraid that the extensions would make my real lashes fall out or irritate my eyes. But now I am definitely going to give them a try! Your extensions look so beautiful on you btw!!

  6. That's crazy to see how much some eyelash extensions cost. I remember when I first got mine done (5 yrs ago) I had asked my local salon where I got my hair done what that was. It was and still is only $25 full set so I decided eff it what's the worse that can happen (real gamble looking back lol) I get so many compliments when I get them done but I would never get them done if it cost that much. I don't get them done often but here are some of my tips: don't tug on the lashes because u might risk tugging your own lash out. Finally, if you don't wanna get them filled in again then you've gotta deal with the awkward phase where u have one lonely ass lash left and it looks out of place af among your own real lashes. Pulling it out will result in you pulling your real eyelashes out. If you happen to pull your real eyelashes out don't worry lashes grow back fast but even faster if u slap some coconut oil on them bitches 😉

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