Osama bin Laden đã thực sự vào chiếc móc


Các tài liệu mới của CIA cho thấy mối quan tâm của Osama bin Laden đối với một cái gì đó khác với khủng bố: nghệ thuật và hàng thủ công. Đăng ký "The …


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  1. As much of a monster he was, he was still a human being. I expect that he did a lot of things we'd find normal in our everyday life. I am not at all surprised that he played video games or watched shows on the internet.

  2. C'mon. What's way more interesting is the sheer number of anime files they found, both for entertainment and porn. That, and the budget hentai/ecchi games they found.

  3. That Arabic is all botched up, unlike in latin the letters must be connected and also they write from right to left this was all written backwards, happy ice cream

  4. "Bin Laden played video games, oh my god!" really is such a trademark Fox News headline (which is what this segment is mocking). I mean, I get it, as a channel whose sole relevance comes only from angry, bigoted, racist old people who irrationally hate millennials and Gen Z-ers, you've gotta play up that "things the youth enjoy are evil" angle. But still! The rest of the news media got over that "games cause violence" bullshit…decades ago now, actually. Hm, old people refusing to get with the times…yeah, what else is new?

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