PHẦN 2-Trang điểm sang trọng HITS & MISSES | Những gì IS & IS NOT Worth The Money!


Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Đây là một video mà tôi đã mua trang điểm có giá cả lố bịch và đã xem lại chúng cho bạn! Tôi hy vọng bạn vui! Cảm ơn vì…


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  2. I can't even afford this kind of makeup. I'm basically here for the free coffee and cookies ??? I'm here because of the honest opinions and personality.

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  4. love it videos could you please do make up brush reviews? Please also any foundation with good coverage dewi and doesn't set in lines?? Please please xxxx

  5. I have over 20 Dior 5 color palettes you need to give them a try again, I use the cream but you referred to as eyeliner as that's what it is perfect with their eyeliner brush which is my all time favourite brush (I have like 4 of them just for personal use, brushes especially their older silver handle brushes are the best ever you will die!)

  6. I need your help Kathleen! 🙂 I really hope you will be able to respond, but I need to know how similar is that Dior Air Luminizer 001 to Becca Champagne Pop. I had to sell my C Pop because it was straight up yellow glitter on my something between NC15-NC20 skin. I sooo want to try the Dior one, but I´ve heard people comparing it to C Pop which really scares me. Some of my fave highlighters: MAC Soft and Gentle, Mary Loumanizer, Laura Geller Peach glow. Would you say go for it? 😛 I have 20% off (but I still am a student)…very confused student… HELP ME PLEASE, someone…! 🙂

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