Rosie O'Donnell kể câu chuyện về mối quan hệ của mình với Donald Trump


Rosie O'Donnell giải thích về nguồn gốc của mối thù dài lâu với Donald Trump và kế hoạch của cô để có được một hình xăm Robert Mueller. »Đăng ký vào cuối …


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  1. wow rosie o'donnell is still a way sharper comedian than she gets credit for, she does not belong lumped in with the whackjobs like roseanne and that blonde chick from snl.

  2. Seth is a ray of sunlight in the dark future Idiot in Chief is planning out for America with the help of the GOP. Ms. Rosie, I very much enjoy your tweets and am looking forward to the one you send on the day Orange Disaster is indicted and on his way to jail with that freak VP who conspired with Russia right along with him!!

  3. How about a monologue on Donna Brazile's revelations (last 24 hours) detailing how Hillary and Debbie WS rigged the primaries?

    Go on! Can't run away from the true story now?

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