Tây Ban Nha: Một quốc gia đang cố gắng phục hồi Dân chủ


Hoa Kỳ không phải là nước duy nhất trong một cuộc khủng hoảng dân chủ. Stephen xem xét quyết định của Catalonia về việc tuyên bố độc lập khỏi Tây Ban Nha ….


24 Nhận xét

  1. For those who don’t know a lot about the topic, get informed because it’s not that easy, Catalonia’s ex-government is in jail because they broke the law when they declared independence and organized an illegal referendum, they have been acting like they have full support of all Catalans when they didn’t even have 50% Of votes in the last election, independence it’s a very big step that should be supported by most of the people and not just a minority, of course they voices should be heard by the Spanish government and things should change, but it’s not as easy as it seems, there’s a lot of lying and manipulation around the topic so get informed by all sides

  2. For shame, Stephen. The secession is illegal by the Spanish constitution, and the voting in Catalonia wasn't monitored or regulated properly. It was just a freaking publicity stunt.

  3. Pretty bad how naive this topic is being discussed by Stephen :/

    1. Catalonia has very many rights and their language and culture is being supported by the Spanish Government. So you can't actually compare that to other regions trying to get independence like Kosovo or Ukraine.
    2. Seeking for independence without a real vote actually isn't alllowed by the Spanish constitution so the Spanish government was actually defending democracy.
    (The Independence Vote with >90% wasn't a real vote. Only 43% of the Catalans went there, nothing was controlled so even tourists could vote (a entertainer documented how he voted 12 times) and due to that the Catalan people who would have voted against the "Independence" didn't go to this vote.)
    3. In Catalonia there are populists you can compare to the Brexit. They misinform, spread lies, turning facts for their advantage. I know you American people don't know tha… Oh wait.

  4. I'm spanish, Colbert has little clue what he is talking about. When someone breaks the law they tend to go to jail. Also Cataluña was never independent, the Kingdom of Aragon was not only Cataluña. I'm really really dissapointed on Colbert and his writers, they're basically defending a group of fascists that ignorned the spanish constitution. Stick to talking about 'Murica…

  5. The regional Catalan government simply became criminal by violating the Spanish constitution with a completely undemocratic and illegal referendum and declaring unilateral independence. If the majority of Catalan people really want independence , then democratic and legal means can be used. Although I agree that Spanish prime minister Rajoy did not do a job by preventing a dialogue for years.

  6. If they were smart they would have teamed up with the other 10 Spanish provinces seeking independence, with the agreement to split up after their secession. But they are Spaniards after all.

  7. Colbert you should have at least mentioned that what the Catalonians are doing is not constitutional. We in Spain don't have a problem with Catalonias Independence but it should be done the legal way.

  8. So you get an idea, just after declaring independence, they did not even pull down the Spanish Flag from their Parliament house. It stayed up for the full days, until Spanish gov deposed the government and disbanded the Parliament. This is the level of competence of independentists we are talking about. That very weekend, when they should be occupying and opposing at the very least passive ressistance in their public buildings they were doing… nothing. Tweeting from the comfort of their coaches at home. It would be hilarious if it would not be pathetic. Welll, kind of pathetic and hilarious. Catalan independentists are like the spoiled children that assume everything is going to be handed to them because they cry to their daddies. Gosh, Washington, Bolivar and Nehru must be rolling in their graves. As Stephen said, if you want independence, fucking fight for it! Do at least some nominal effort.

  9. So when The Ukraine wants independance it's democracy.
    When Catalonia wants independance it's anti-democratic.
    i like the way Americans, like this dickhead host, belittle the culture of others too.
    Americans are such fuckwits!!!

  10. Former Spanish colonies have a lot to thank Spain for, mainly their fallen heroes mostly murdered by the colonial government … and yes, the spread of diseases

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