Tháng 11 Mục yêu thích 2015


Người thắng cuộc ❏ ➫ TIDA: ➫ ANGELISSA: …


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  1. Hi! My name is Natasha and I currently live in Pakistan!
    I have a combination skin type!
    plz pick me! its really hard to find foreign cosmetics here!

  2. Thanks for the book recommendation, Jenn! It's 3:37AM and I've been reading the book since 9PM, so that's a total of 6.5 hours of non-stop reading. I'm not finished I'm almost done. Just taking a break to tell you thanks! I'm hooked and should be doing hw lmao qq And sleeping lol Please recommend more books!

  3. Hi Jenn! My name is Monica and I'm from Portland, Oregon! So sad I didn't get the chance to run into you when you were here a few months ago 🙁 I have combination skin type. Thanks so much Jenn! <3 P.S. You also drew my caricature during the target bullseye event <3!

  4. That movie is so touching! I remember watching because my old boss who was a chef wanted to teach my last boyfriend about his view and how much cared. :')

  5. Hi Jenn! My skin is really dry (or better dehydrated) but still gets oily pretty fast. Products for oily skin dry it even more, moisturisers make it oily fast and products for mixed skin are not moisturising enough. Also I am allerged to most of perfumed products and my skin is sensitive. I don't have a big problem with acne but with blackheads instead. please, send help! 🙁

  6. Hi, i'm Alitha, Indonesian currently studying in Malaysia, and my skin type is combination (oily & dry). By having this book would help beginners like me! Thanks Jenn ❤️

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