Tôi sẽ vào Nhà Trắng !!!


NÀY LÀ MỘT KHOẺ! Tôi không thể chờ đợi để đọc bình luận và câu hỏi của bạn! Xem Nhà nước Liên minh: – Ngày 12 tháng 1 lúc 9 giờ tối ET @ …


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  1. I'd literally pay money to not have to go to the White House. It's the icon of pure evil and actual terrorism (not the fabricated brown-guys-in-turbans 'terrorism').

  2. You are so annoying and dramatic. Your baby talk is not cute or funny. Obama is the worst president our country has seen in years. Don't consider it a privilege to interview him.

  3. I think a big issue people ignore are child abuse like who cares about dumb shit when there are children being raped, get your priorities straight people

  4. I watched your interview and you did such a good job! I am so proud of you:) And obama was amazing especially his sense of self part. Made me freaking tear up just how much he really cares.

  5. I just watched your whole segment at the White House channel and I'm so so so proud of you Ingrid! I remember meeting you at my job for the first time at Shake Shack in New York 4 years ago, recognizing you as missglamorazzi, and now seeing that you've come such a long way since then. It is so great seeing you grow in your work and remain humble, strong, and become even more beautiful. You're amazing, intelligent, sensible and I love everything you're creating. You're an absolute role model and an inspiration. I hope I cross paths with you again someday.

  6. College tuition costs, better healthier food, healthcare, women's rights, tolerance in different cultures and religions, poverty in America! So much ?

  7. Why do you deserve to go to the White House? There are a lot of people who are more deserving, you however have done virtually nothing. I have feeling this has something to do with your coming out

  8. Can I just say that you tubers are just great?! They are so wonderful! Ingrid is amazing, so is swoozie and glozell and Hanna hart and Colleen ballinger and John and Hank green and so many more people that I could type for a mile! I love you all!

  9. What a waste. Of course they choose a secular youtuber who just came out of the closet. Try having someone there to speak to Obama who actually stands for something and has real morals.

  10. Question: What steps are being taken towards raising awareness about and diminishing gender and sexual inequality not only in politics and corporate environments, but in everyday lives? What are the best ways for the individual citizen to further this movement?

  11. My question: How do you plan to get more women into the science and math field? Please… I need more girls in the classes I take. I'M THE ONLY GIRLLLLLL!!!!!

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