Stephen discusses the complexities of Trump’s tax plan which – OH MY GOD BEYONCÉ IS A LEAD CHARACTER IN THE ‘LION KING’ REMAKE! Subscribe To …


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  1. Beyonce is literally the worst cast member announced. It's going to be really obvious when Adult Nala and Simba talk together for the first time that one of them is a talented actor/singer with voice acting under his belt and the other is a singer with two major acting credits where she was the worst part of each film.

    Flashy casting to grab her legions of fans nothing else.

  2. I still don't get why people are so excited about Beyoncé when there are so greater people than her there… James Earl Jones, John Oliver or Alfre Woodard (what an amazing actress !). But in fact I don't get why people love Beyoncé at all either…

  3. Stop being a tool of the oligarchy by offering us circus distractions, Stephen. We count on you to be better than that. Who gives a rip what rich people can go see on Broadway?? People are dying out here all over the country from various aspects of poverty: lack of medical care, lack of dental care, lack of clean water and food, falling into addiction and suicide… and now the tax rate is about to be jacked up on us even MORE? We haven't had a fair living wage or a fair COLA in ages, the minimum wage is an obscenity, and this tax bill will take most of us to even lower rungs of a Third World Country (according to a recent analysis by an ivy league economics professor, we are a Third World Country now – welcome to the bottom of the barrel, America). And you're talking about the Lion King? You're our court jester, Stephen. We need you to speak truth to power, all those fat cats eviscerating our well-being and our former rights. Instead you're becoming an ad? Seriously?

  4. they fked up independance 2 i ignored it and wasnt so mad though now im mad at will smith.. went from my favorite actor to the Biggest diva on the list but but this.. this.. if they fk this…. they bettur lock those doors at night or ima come Prowl them until the end of days.. Don't they dare ruin lion king !

  5. Honestly Steven I love you but you need to stop overhyping Beyonce. Cannot act, cannot dance, has ghost writers and composers do all her work for her and she oversings everything to a point where it's unbearable. There are thousands upon thousands of musicians out there with more talent in their pinkie who deserve recognition.

  6. Steven you are a bit too familiar with Black culture in your show…and it can come off as extremely offensive. Take a page from Seth Meyers on how to do this correctly.

  7. It's so disgusting how Paul Ryan is so far up Trumps ass considering he hates him.Makes me cringe.I wonder when the swamp draining will start,because Trump just keeps on adding seweage to it.

  8. It's not fair to say President Evil has accomplished nothing! He's managed to trash our reputation around the world, and his executive orders and judicial appointments and so on have set a new standard for dysfunctional nastiness and regressive bullshit. He's making America GRATE on our nerves.

  9. The IRS already knows how much money you make and could do your taxes automatically. The only reason they don't is because H&R Block and other tax companies lobby to keep things complicated.

  10. 138 Trump supporters just barely are willing to watch Colbert cause he's just that funny, but has to thumbs down to stick with their God-King Treasonous Trump.

  11. And of course you're not gonna cover the Donna Brazille story.

    The fact that the primaries were rigged beyond imagination last year and no one is talking about it except the Young Cucks is baffling. Our democracy is literally at risk and all this dude can still talk about bashing Trump – which hey, that's really fun and everything, but that shit can wait.

  12. Was it so important to have only black people play the lion roles? And what does this have to do with African pride? It's a kids movie about animals, why make it political? The original movie's cast was diverse and "the white kid" did a great job as Simba, ok?

  13. Just had to point out that Donald Glover is playing the adult Simba, so you should be comparing him to Matthew Broderick, not JTT. The cast poster you show even has the separate casting for young Simba.

  14. I guess I'm the only human being that thinks Beyoncé is extremely overrated. I just don't understand where all this worship of her came from. She's attractive and she can sing. Those two traits aren't that fucking rare. Unless you have impossibly high standards and a blind spot for Beyoncé. As for me, beautiful singers seem to be everywhere so what exactly makes Beyoncé so much more amazing than the rest? Even Aretha Franklin didn't have people literally worshiping her and she was beautiful and I've yet to hear anyone top her vocals.

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