Courtney Barnett và Kurt Vile biểu diễn 'Breakfast' Continental


Năm được nhắc đến nhiều nhất về bộ đôi rock 'n roll ngồi trên sân khấu để biểu diễn âm thanh thân mật của một ca khúc trong album mới' Lotta Sea Lice '.


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  1. Ok, so courtney barnett is awesome, kurt vile is awesome and this song is awesome. However the whole thing with only six strings on a 12-string guitar freaks me out

  2. I'm a man, who likes to eat jam
    From one of those little pots
    You get from the hotel
    With a croissant and a little glass of grapefruit juice
    oh yeah
    And a bowl of cornflakes
    But don't touch the hot buffet
    Cause you haven't paid for it
    Then go back upstairs to make sure you gotcha toothbrush
    yeah, yeah
    Then check out at reception by Eleven
    This is my idea of reservation heaven

    What a load of painful cack People will sing about anything these days

  3. This is what happens when two musicians just sit together and play. Sad to see so many dislikes. I guess folk isn't for everyone, especially younger, pop listeners.

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