Da của tôi có một chút thô, lạnh, thời tiết khô, nhưng thói quen này đã cho tôi ra khỏi chu kỳ da khô trở lại siêu mềm và hydrated "bình thường" …


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  1. Can you pls make a update video talking about the sensitive skin like the tip,the products to recommend or something like this pls pls I need that so much my skin is so bad right now it's so red and itching it's hot too. Help me pls I need your help

  2. Hi jen.. ive been watching your videos for almost 8years now. I love your makeup tips. I love you and i love aria too! She so cute! I hope you upload more video of aria in youtube and instagram?

  3. I love your multi step skincare routine. Can you do a review on clarisonic smart profile firming uplift, and how you would incorporate it into your skincare routine ?

  4. Jen I heard that if your Drunk Elephant serum is orange in color like yours is in the video means that it's already expired and no longer effective. It should be pale yellow in color. Please check Gothamista's video. She talked about this product in her video and even consulted with the CEO of Drunk Elephant about this matter.

  5. Recently, I made the switch to all cruelty-free and preferably vegan skincare and cosmetics. I have always loved your channel and I feel like you give great advice so I was wondering if you had any good recommendations for cruelty-free skincare or makeup. Also, my skin has been super blemishy lately so I have been considering doing a no makeup week to try to reset it. Is that something you have tried and does it work?

  6. Hey Jen! It's Jenn. Lol. Could you give advice on hair care. Idk really how to fundamentally take care of my hair. I would love to have that sleek Asian hair but I'm not entirely sure how to go about deep conditioning >_< help!

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