AGT Winner Grace VanderWaal Shares Audition Tips For Season 13 – America’s Got Talent 2017


Grace VanderWaal, winner of AGT Season 11, stopped by to give some helpful audition tips! Check out her new album, “Just The Beginning” here: …


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  2. Love your work grace. ? I'm planing on going to audition one year when I'm brave enough as a ventriloquist once I finish making my very first friend. If I can get around to it. I'm such a procrastinator.

  3. I wonder why they used Grace instead of Darci. It only makes sense to have the reigning champ do this sort of thing instead of the person who won the year before. AGT really seems to love Grace as they're still posting about her over a year after the fact and helping promote her EP and album while everyone before her seems to have been forgotten.

  4. First mistake is not having Darci Lynne Farmer; the current winner of AGT season 12 do this promo video? she has revitalize the art of ventriloquism that is not common and inspired numerous of people of all ages to take up the art of ventriloquism!

  5. She is 13? She is pretty now, she will be gorgeously attractive when she comes of age.
    People need to get over the fact that young people out talent older people sometimes. This last round those little girls smoked everyone else and the cream rose to the top. Singers happened to be the best, and usually are.
    Pie plate juggling(skating in a circle, etc) is from those 1950s tv talent shows and that drivel should have stayed there.

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