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Leslie Jones chia sẻ lý do tại sao cô ấy gần đây đã trở thành một fan hâm mộ bóng chày. Sự xuất hiện của khách mời của các cầu thủ Houston Astros George Springer, Jose Altuve và Alex …


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  1. Imagine a gender-swap in this scenario: A big african-american man commenting on the physique of a female sports team, calling "these women fine as hell" and finally pulling the shortest member in his lap and telling her that "good things do come in small packages" while rubbing her belly. I don't think that would be appropriate. Now can anybody explain to me why this video is supposed to be ok?

  2. After Harvey Weinstein/Kevin Spacey, etc. Leslie Jones' behavior has moved from being gross to being criminal. Can you imagine if a man treated women in the same way? Yes, you can! Loss of career and world-wide disgrace.

  3. Leslie Jones, I knows what you means. Oh my word. Whew. Hit your hallelujah. Indeed my heart goes biddi-biddi-Astros. Yes mam Leslie Jones. You are so lucky. Whew girl. Did you keep ALTUVE on your lap for several takes? Dear Astros, I love you. See you at minute maid my loves. Yes indeed. Hit that baseball and run baby run. Lol.

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