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Tôi đang treo ra và chuẩn bị cho ngày, hãy đến với tôi! LIVE Thứ Hai, ngày 20 tháng 2 @ 10:30 sáng PT!


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  1. I have to remind you; you're beautiful !
    we often forget it with all the images with have from everywhere .. but dont 🙂

    You are!
    Continue your hard work 🙂

  2. I experienced road rage from a man with his child in the car recently…I was stopped at an intersection in a parking lot and 3 sides of the intersection have stop signs and the one intersection coming from the road doesn't. So I stop at my stop sign and nobody was coming from the road so I started going and he comes flying around the corner from the road and almost hits me and beeps at me then I go and park near the store I wanted to go to and he parks right near me and glares at me and he's just sitting there so I felt like he was going to confront me when I got out of my car so I just drove home instead of going to the store because he was scaring me.

  3. Seeing Tayto really hurt my heart. I lost my Pom on Christmas Eve and it's been hard without her. Her name was Dancer and she is a smaller version of Tayto. Very calm and relaxed. Loved the snow. rest in peace lovely girl <3

  4. I work at a 911 center and you would be surprised at how many people out there have serious mental health problems and they have driver's licenses, too. Sure there is the random act of rage but often times people are just off — they just happen to be driving amongst us.

  5. Me and my mom and my best friend (we are both 14) we're in the car and driving out on the highway and there was this mini van in front of us and all of a sodden the a car behind us pulled out from behind and side swiped us sending us in to the other lane and beating up the bumper of the mini van in front of us honking the horn like a mad man and than all 3 of the cars (including us) pull over to see what the damage looked like when the dude who side swiped us got out and started yelling at my mom for being in his way and yelling at the person who was in the mini van in front of us for not moving and than started threatening both my mom and the mini van dude and saying that it was our fault for the accident and that we needed to pay for his car repairs when he was the one that side swiped us and hit ( crushed) the mini vans bumper and and thought we were in the rong sorry I needed to get that out

  6. Holy crap what a psycho that guy was! I usually keep paper and a pen in the car and write down details to report to the police. Sometimes they have harassed other people and need to be reported.

  7. Wow that road rage story is scary! I've experienced people getting really upset on the road as well and it is scary to think that people will actually go to the extent of hurting someone else because of a honk or cutting them off. My friend has a dash camera on his dashboard that records anything that happens during a drive. Now I may have to invest in that in case I ever need to have proof in court! The world is turning into a scary place out there! Be safe!

  8. My boyfriend recently got followed and the guy waited for him at a stop light and rammed into his car out of road rage. He then ran over to his car and started pounding on the window (he had the doors locked thankfully) but the guy scared the living hell out of him and he got away. Our police department did absolutely nothing and this guy is STILL driving around! I am with you Ingrid please be safe <3

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