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Vincent (Larry David) giới thiệu vợ mới của anh (Cecily Strong) tới bạn bè (Beck Bennett, Kate McKinnon, Chris Redd). #SNL # SNL43 Nhận thêm SNL: …


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  1. Saturday Night Live can't do any skits without sexual deviancy! I remember when you can watch this as a young kid back in the seventies and eighties and not be grossed out! This show is disgusting

  2. What is that guy smoking a cigar stoned or something. Straighten up dude get a handle on the situation……….you know what get him off the stage. Get off the stage now. Damm rookie actors

  3. I don't get the joke, someone who usually plays gay bars is playing a fancy party? Not really funny just cool. Larry Davis says a bunch of gay community terms? What's the joke? Gay people are funny? SNL this is 2017…

  4. I hate how every single SNL video has loads of comments about how they suck at writing or 'this is a new low' like fuck off, half of you didn't even watch SNL before they started talking about Trump in Season 41. You can't expect every single video to automatically be hilarious and become a classic, this show is meant to be lighthearted and enjoyable, which in my opinion it continues to be, regardless of some of their more inconsistent skits

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