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  1. It makes me think "WTF" whenever YouTubers feel they have to explain why they do sponsored videos because some viewers get so offended by them?! I just think "How is that affecting your [the viewers] life?" I totally respect whatever another has to do for their career! It doesn't make you a bad person, it makes you human because we all need to earn money and also do what we love… As soon as one person becomes affected or offended by what another is doing in their own personal life, that first person probably needs to take a look at themselves and come back to a place of LOVE!

  2. 34,019 subscribers more to reach 2 million JENN! You definitely able to achieve 2million subscribers by 2017! And you really deserve the best in the world as the amount of work and effort you put in behind each videos are really amazing <3

  3. hahhahah i am watching this in april, almost a year later, i really enjoy this. i am sure u are probably not reading the message already … cuz it probably be making more sense for u to read messages on your latest videos… but want to say hi anyways 🙂
    mind if u ask u what vlogging camera u are using? i figure sometimes u are with ur bigger camera, and sometimes seem like u are using a small compact one, and i am really interested in finding out , especially the one in the car. was it always the small ones? thanks 🙂 have a beautiful day

  4. Is always nice to see your korean! Just because i feel more related to you i guess haha. I did enjoy the video! You're good in inspiring people. Videos make me feel alive! Yay(like otaku in youtube haha)

  5. Jenn you did the sponsored vid and as exchange you've got money and that is okay. You got bills to pay. And things to buy! And that is okay because you're not some philanthropic angel.

  6. i remember having to find the meanings of poems back when i was taking an english course and i actually really loved doing that. it was so philosophical and digging deep in the meanings of poetry just excited me for some odd reason xD

  7. I keep finding myself saying, " that looks good" so much in this video lol, so much good food. And doing sponsored content should never be a problem for anyone, I love when I see people of color get to actualize their dreams, and when people believe that they matter, because we do matter. I love all your videos and I am pretty sure your sponsored content will stay true to you, you have come so far because of that and thats why you will forever be amazing. Love you Jenn xoxo.

  8. i just wanted to say that i love and support you doing sponsored content if you genuinely love the brand. it's amazing that you can make money off of something you love like that ?? you go girl

  9. Sponsorship is fine, really; and it means a lot when you're up front about it. I'll probably do plenty of sponsorship when I get my channel really going. I'm too small-time to really have those opportunities now, but if I ever get to that level it'll be a big help.

  10. gosh i love you Jenn!!! speak more konglish in your videos, i love it when you do 🙂 you're beautiful and so inspiring. you make me sooooo happy hehe xo

  11. i don't mind sponsored videos as long as the youtuber is giving their honest opinion. As long as you are trying your best and being honest with us don't feel bad! Your true viewers will know and appreciate it 🙂

  12. Awww Jenn, no need for that knot in your stomach. It's a win-win situation to be supporting something you like and get paid for it. Your followers know what you do and they follow you because they like what you put out and because they support you. Keep doing Jenn unapologetically. We love you! ????

  13. I actually think you manage to keep your sponsored content very subtle, I actually love keeping up with all your videos, and think you do a really classy job of putting them together! You keep it so real and you still include the kind of content we all watch your videos for, so keep at it. Gotta be smart with your choices and I think you're doing a fantastic job. 🙂

  14. WHAT! So excited you'll be in a video with David So! Real interested in how it'll be.

    And sponsored content – Most of us get it. Definitely be wise with your time as you will benefit from it later while those who give you guff will probably be unaffected.

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