Tại châu Á, Trump Might Meet 'Bút Penaphone của Apple Pen' Guy


Chuyến đi châu Á của Tổng thống liên quan đến các cuộc họp với các nhà lãnh đạo mạnh nhất thế giới: Chủ tịch Trung Quốc Xi, Thủ tướng Abe …


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  1. If you want to talk about the news , What about all the democrats getting caught doing crimes that you or no news outlet says anything about . If not for bad mouthing the president of the US you would have nothing to talk about . Obama ran wild and you assholes said nothing

  2. Is Colbert making fun of oriental people, Japanese? Colbert is also making fun of Ronadl reagan who helepd Gorbachev dismangle Communist gulag. Poor Colbert is not poitically corect shen it comes ot Japanese and Republicans ;-)! Perhaps he should make fun of the jihadi from New York? Oh…he does not want to be run over by a van…coward!!!

  3. most immigration is due to overpopulation , they are fleeing overpopulation. average Africa family is 17 kids, Iran 13 kids, Mexico 7 kids. the worlds greatest problem is overpopulation. USA needs a one child policy

  4. We can only hope that while overseas, Trump aka (??) overdoses on KFC and McDonald's. Then drops dead on the toilet, while Tweeting something stupid.

  5. Fascinating what modern educated and societies find entertaining… and no I was referring to the reality show of Trump White House not the pineapple pen idiot.

  6. Hey, Colbie, can we hear you sing in Japanese? And you're praising the father of Al Qaeda? Oh, yeah, everyting is better than Russia for the neocons, everything even Al Qaeda. So plesa go fuck youself in Idlib.

  7. Wish we could send all our undesirables to China, and then force them to work the worst jobs. Trump and all his lackeys, Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein, And Bill O'Reilly. Pack them up on a rocket and ship them out. See ya later Rapists!! Byyyeeee…

  8. "We miss you, Ronnie?" Even with Trump – No, we don't… I might be willing to get Doc Brown to make the trade but I STILL couldn't support him. He STARTED most of the shit we have been in – mental patients with no support of any kind now under the bridges and asking for quarters, federal workers' rights trashed, trickle-down champion and major spokesliar..He is DIRECTLY responsible for the major shift in income from the middle class.

  9. Oh Ye Gods. The rabid turnip, let loose among other countries. Can America start begging forgiveness for whatever this deranged gibbon will be doing during this trip? He will be seriously insulting so many folks and cultures. He can't help himself, he is so completely stuck up his own ass.

  10. My prayers go out to you Asia. Japan is the only country in the world besides the USA that has part of my family living there. Have fun cousin. I hope you and your Japanese hubby have a great time with The Incredible Trump. You probably won't. Can't blame you. Remember: When in doubt, compliment. (P.S. I voted her, not him)

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