Thông tin cập nhật cuối tuần về xu hướng chủng tộc của hãng hàng không Mỹ – SNL


Cập nhật vào cuối tuần của các tàu chở hàng Colin Jost và Michael Che giải quyết các tin tức lớn nhất trong tuần, bao gồm giám đốc điều hành của American Airlines gặp NAACP …


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  1. Is NYC subway great because of its masturbating hobos? Or are the hobos masturbating because its so great? Or is it a self-perpetuating cycle of both? Hmmmm

  2. I still hav my 5s and I thought I was pushing it. YOU CAN'T MAKE ME APPLE, I WILL BUY YOUR NEW PHONE WHEN I MUST, BUT NOT WHEN I HAVE A PERFECTLY GOOD ONE. It's better for the environment to do that and I haven't even cracked the screen yet so this could be awhile. I BOUGHT A LAPTOP FROM YOU FOR SCHOOL APPLE, I CAN ONLY GIVE SO MUCH.

  3. Leslie Jones remains the least funny cast member in my honest opinion. Really can’t grasp why they keep her on. Apart from a few great sketches, she just doesn’t make me laugh. Am I alone here?

  4. New girl comes in and does an amazing job playing a hilarious character….then leslie jones comes in and plays herself…again…for like the 50th time…ugh

  5. Michael Che joked about "white women named Gail". Fine, whatever, but I wonder how it would go over if a white comedian joked about "black women named Lakeisha"?

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