Trang điểm cao cấp HITS & MISSES | Những gì IS & IS NOT Worth The Money!


Hey, Guys! (WATCH IN HD) Đây là một video mà tôi đã mua trang điểm có giá cả lố bịch và đã xem lại chúng cho bạn! Tôi hy vọng bạn vui! Cảm ơn vì…


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  1. The reason Luxury brands are so expensive is because they are targeting a different crowd, the famous and stars of the worlds, the 1% off the population who can afford it. I really never see the difference in the products. Especially for the price. I am continueing to watch this video and well I am only 1:06 in it but liking the video already.

    BTW what nationality are you? You have a slight accent coming out.

  2. That Guerlain Gold Radiance Concentrate primer is the best primer for mature skin like Tati's. It's also great for those who have dull/dehydrated or very dry skin. I have it and I love it…I'm someone who's prone to dry, flaky patches on my face, this really smooths them like nothing else, and the smoothing effect lasts all day. I don't think it's worth the money if you have normal or oily skin or if you're in your 20s. But anyone over 30 with skin that leans dry/dull, try it, it's beautiful.

  3. I tried all these samples of La Prairie from Nordstrom. Not worth it at all. I cannot believe they charge what they charge for full size products. Pure insanity. Please do an updated version of this video!!!

  4. I love your reviews on luxury makeup more than other you tubers because we have the same feelings. Love the idea of luxury, love the packaging, love watching reviews on it, but don't necessarily want to spend a boatload of money on something that isn't superior to drugstore or high end.

  5. Tbh I stopped watching Tati because she can be so easy on luxury makeup, just the fact it's expensive seems to make it worth it for her a lot. she can be so hard on a drugstore product and then a luxury product with similar issues gets a pass. love thst you were honest

  6. When you're watching videos from last year… lol you still look so fresh and beautiful just like here. Your makeup hasn't change in a good way. Youtubers change so much over time and you remain the same. ??????

  7. Ok girl your distaste for luxury make up was well vetted in the beginning. So it negs the question: just because you get requests why do luxury reviews? You obviously hate on the idea so please you're not the person to do luxury vids ( the fakeness shows thru on this) I'm totally good with that … Stick to what you love and you shine thru?

  8. Tom Ford shadows are made to be sheer, it's really similar to the texture of many Japanese makeup. I actually am a fan because a lot of of western shadows are too chunky for me, which makes me look old. But the tom ford shimmers and glitters are one of my favourite because it's sooo fine and sooo smooth. So they are definitely not as pigmented as Too Faced or many other brands.

  9. I enjoy you videos a lot, they are very informative and you're very funny I love it… can you please do a tutorial you make up today look amazing very natural very very pretty plz plz ????????????????????????

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