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Chuyến thăm của Cousin C.J. (Larry David) gây căng thẳng giữa Mario (Kyle Mooney) và Josh (Beck Bennett). #SNL # SNL43 Nhận thêm SNL: …


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  1. It was like Family Ties when Uncle Tom Hanks got drunk and drank vanilla extract and got violent with Alex P. Keaton. And Alex covered for him. Then uncle tom hanks stabbed Alex P. Keaton in the neck and he died on the show. Best sitcom finale ever.

  2. This was the strangest, dumbest sketch in SNL history, and folks that's saying a lot. You have to wonder how much pot the writers had smoked before coming up with this nutty bunch of nonsense. I saw this last night on a TV when I was drunk off my ass, and STILL didn't find it one bit funny 🙁

  3. Yes! Holy molly yas! The second I heard the beginning theme song I was lmao. This is only the second time they've done this, but these bits are freaking great!!! Kyle&Beck the best!

  4. These mock-sitcoms and mock-commercials and mock-PSAs with the awkward dialogue and shit are getting boooooooooooooring. This cast is running on fumes.

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