Chiến đấu chống lại cái chết của chúng ta | Nguồn gốc: Hành trình của nhân loại


Từ "nghệ thuật tối" đến phương pháp khoa học để nứt mã số di truyền của chúng ta, sự theo đuổi vô tận của con người trong y học đã làm cho chúng ta không chỉ …


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  1. people from the past lived longer then nowdays they ate fresh food breathed fresh air hunted and trained there body. now we drink cola breath that shit and so on i am lazy to continue this shit

  2. one day we will become inmortals, bye bye death, in 200 species with just caloric restriction have lived 50% more than their life span, I like this fight, is not a dream, whenever science is, is not a dream

  3. for those whom are saying "You can't escape death." This video does not show you or tell you how to escape it but rather how to survive longer and live longer.

  4. So many people in the comment section that I can imagine myself punching in the throat. Don't push your stinking religion on people who don't want it! If you want to stay in your ignorant bubble of Bible and Quran, go ahead, but don't tell others what to think or do!

  5. Today's medical community is just another industry selling a facade to the naive. If I take care of myself there's no need to seek advice from someone that has ZERO inherent interest in my well being (There are a few willing to sacrifice the things society promises for being a doctor so that they can do their job). All too often one doctor has not consulted with another leaving a disconnect and the opportunity for the first doctor to draw their own (usually misguided) conclusions. Life is not about fighting the imminent with pharmaceutical "Bandages"

  6. I'm not sure about overcoming death… But death by aging sure! I'm confident science will allow for us to cure all diseases and aging in the future. You could still be hit by the bus or murdered so not fully immortal

  7. To all ll these people saying Jesus holds the key of eternal life: sure bud. Go ahead and die. I'll invest in cryonics.
    To those saying we'll never escape death: that's why you're not working in a the lab to help find a cure.

  8. Exciting stuff. what could be more important than to figure out how to live for a lot longer time if not forever. I'm excited about cryogenics, even if we can't figure it out we can put a pause on time until we figure out something new. I even want to be frozen with my cats too.

  9. I don't know that death is something we should escape, there was a time I thought we should but it's probably just best to let old ideals die and be replaced by new ones for a changing world for better or worse. I mean there isn't even a definitive answer for why we're alive right now other than just because. Well besides to say that we want to witness amazing or terrible future tech or see what's continued to change, is there even a real reason to be immortal?

  10. It is becoming more common knowledge that the pharmacologic/medical complex does more harm than good by hiding the benefits of prevention of disease through a whole foods plant based vegan diet. For more information to

  11. Human hubris + everlasting life = the ultimate in stupidity . . . . why would anyone would want to live for more than 75 or 80 yrs? Heck, I hope our species goes extinct sooner rather than later . . . we are a repugnant bunch of selfish cretins that shouldn't be allowed to leave the planet let alone live for extraordinary amounts of time . . . . pathetic, or, as I like to say, human (which is essentially the same thing).

  12. So I've copied all of the files I need on my external drive, so do I delete the other copy that's on my computer so it's only on my external drive. I copied it, should I delete the copies that's on my computer if I just want it on my drive?

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