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Chủ nhà Larry David giải thích những gì ông có điểm chung với Quasimodo và chia sẻ một xu hướng đáng lo ngại ông nhận thấy về những người đàn ông bị buộc tội tình dục …


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  1. Jews and wahhabis are same primitive middle Eastern people , they think they are better than others ethnic and national groups and can exploit others.

  2. Everyone needs to stfu and enjoy comedy without criticizing every god dam thing nowadays. Fucking new generation always have some stupid shit to say about how offensive everything is, again stfu and laugh, see how enjoyable that is morons. On another note Larry is amazing!!

  3. It's so obvious that Larry David did that joke to get this reaction which kinda makes it even more pathetic since he has no good material on hand then to default on his Jewish heritage & an horrific horrific time for Jews. Fine he wants to joke about concentration camp for Jews but I'm srry not triggered but it's definitely tasteless.

  4. Is it just me or are people becoming more and more sensitive as time goes on. Soon we won't be able to sneeze without an SJW having a fit. It will be a sad day for comedy if comedians actually start listening to this whiney perpetually-offended people and don't do the comedy they want.

  5. There is absolutely nothing funny about killing people. And his schtick about the concentration camp was beyond low class. F-N beyond disgusting. Only low lives and degenerates would think so.

  6. Why is this so offensive? Life went on, as it were, in concentration camps. There's even a documentary called "Steal a Pencil for Me" about a man and woman who fell in love in a concentration camp. She and her lover survived and were eventually married. These were people, after all. Besides, Black comedians can tell jokes about lynching and slavery and nobody bats an eye. Stop it.

  7. I think this was ok, not his best jokes, as a Jew I didn't find anything offensive I even laughed at it. I don't know why everyone is getting worked up about it. He wasn't joking about people dying, he was making fun of how bad he would be at getting a girl.

    I think people need to relax and stop looking for reasons to be offended

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