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  1. Hey guys I have created A Travelers Browser app – It has everything a traveler needs – Here's the link to the app: http://app.appsgeyser.com/5627267/Musaphir : Its name is MUSAPHIR – मुसाफिर – I created this app as i wanted a one in all app for travelers . Now Let me tell youll about me – Im Ashutosh Khale and I live in India and Im a student – My travel diaries arent huge and wide but I have a few tours upcoming around my country where i travel alone to few amazing FIFA U17 World cup(Im a Football Fanatic) Locations and attend the matches and catch upon the culture of the city and so on – I created this app free and easy and was hoping to get some money through donations – so that i could buy a simple GoPro 5 –
    The amazon link -(https://www.amazon.in/GoPro-Hero5-Black-Action-Camera/dp/B01LZX0030/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1505236314&sr=8-1&keywords=gopro+hero5) to vlog my travel –

    Features about my app –
    1) You dont need to download multiple travel apps while your traveling- All you need is one travelers app.
    2)Musaphir is designed for almost all types travelers but has a focus on cheap and easy accessible travel websites.
    3)Musaphir currently has no apps – For better user experience
    4)Musaphir has one minute problem – Its not there on Google Play Store as that costs money – and expensive here in India –
    5)Musaphir has daily news , Temperature , Food , Travel , Airfares , Air bookings, Travel insurance , Bus Travel , Boat Travel , Train Travel , Tickets , Hostels , Meetups , Car Rentals , Villas , road trips ,Travelers health , Responsibility, – and other websites and google search engine so that you have everything at one place – YOU SAY IT – EVERYTHING at a PLACE –

    I created this app so that I could provide it for free to travelers around the world and it could be useful to every traveler – I also expected to earn money through ads to buy a GoPro 5 – But as a user myself I believe in ad free content and apps – so therefore I would love to accept donation of a minimum 1$ atleast if possible for you user – In an attempt to buy a GoPro on Amazon.co.in – the exact price is 476.296 dollars or 30498 rupees – I hope to buy the camera before the WC and travels –
    Here are my Bank Details for Donation –

    Account No : 916010077504138
    IFSC code : UTIB0000186
    Name : Ashutosh Khale
    Phone Number : +91 8291519856 (whatsapp me if you want or call)

    A donation of just 1$ hoping to reach 476 dollars for me to buy a GoPro 5 –
    App Name : Musaphir
    Download Link : http://app.appsgeyser.com/5627267/Musaphir
    Download QR code : Contact me for the QR Code : +91 8291519856 – (unfortunately cant upload an image on this comment section )

    Thanks – Hoping for a positive result

  2. Hey guys, recently discover you and love your channel! One little thing about your mech website, do you need to register to see the stuff? I can only see one t-shirt when I access it 🙁 thanks!

  3. The emoji t-shirt is actually a brilliant idea. And thank you guys for helping me discover Fulton & Roark, I'll be purchasing one of their colognes very soon!

  4. Great video guys! I was looking into the Nomadix towel, but unfortunately international shipping costs to the Netherlands are $35! Along with the current price of $55 on their website, that brings it to $90…!
    Is it really that good? I can't find a proper review online…

  5. guys the word traveler in Arabic in your t-shirt is misspelled!!! because in Arabic we write from right to left, so it's مسافر instead of ر ف ا س م

  6. okay thanks for ur vids but your persian ver of traveller on the shirt is wrong xD it's the write word but wong typing (u prbbly wrote it with english unicode from left to right. u have to write it right to left)

  7. I have that speaker and I love it!! Amazing sound off it!! oh so many good picks here, really liking the towel!! I'm looking for a compact travel towel, any idea on smaller ones or does that fold up really small?

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