Romania: Những gương mặt của nhân dân


Thông tin thêm về chuyến đi đến Romania: Di sản văn hoá của Rumani có nhiều mặt, và đánh giá cao …


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  1. Thank Rick Steve, I really appriciate yout kind effort by making trips and explore europe, we get a proper information and can know how to be a perfect traveller. I love your videos.

  2. Romanians are cool they were the only ones who didnt slaughter the Turks who lived in the Balkans, the Turkish community in Dobruja lives peaceful with the Romanians, cheers from Turkey

  3. Beautiful! Tell your crew they did a wonderful job — brought tears to my eyes. My husband's grandmother came from Bihor county, and it's amazing to see little glimpses of her reflected in the faces of her countrymen.

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