The Baby Step – SNL


Larry David không muốn làm gì với Soft Spot (Pete Davidson), Heavy Diaper (Chris Redd), One-Z (Kenan Thompson) và Baby Snatch (Miley Cyrus).


50 Nhận xét

  1. Is it wrong to hate a child….No! Especially if that child is Miley Cyrus. I have never liked her, not even as a child. I think we are all intuitively aware when a genetic mutation enters the gene pool and that mutation is Miley Cyrus. I can't wait till her fame dies down, it's painful to accidently turn to the wrong radio station and hear that nasty, ear pain of a voice of hers, or make the mistake of tuning into SNL and seeing the ugliness that is her. I hope she takes that diseased infested boyfriend of hers with her when she leaves the limelight to. I mean, why can't "it" just go away?

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