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Tôi đã có một bảng màu mắt mới được yêu thích trong tháng này nhưng nó thực sự là một đôi mắt …? Ngoài ra, một số chăm sóc da mới yêu! Hy vọng các bạn thưởng thức của tôi …


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  1. Love the l'occitaine shea butter hand cream, it's been my go to for close to 7-8 years and has been the best at keeping my hands super moisturized especially during the colder months. I'm prone to excema on my hands especially when it's cold and this keeps me from having any major issues when it's cold.

  2. I love large bronzers too! I don't like blush/bronzer combos as I always have to be careful which is hard to do when you're in a hurry. It's so cool that Tarteist works as a eye shadow and contour palette for you.

  3. I don't know if she knows ingredients of loccitane hand cream since she mentioned about her baby. That hand cream contains serveral chemical ingredients causes allergic reaction. Moms especially new Moms tries all kinds of things for thir babies including buying all organic stuff and so on. However, they often forget what they wear and put on their body everyday it all goes to their babies especially if they are breast feeding babies.

  4. OMG Mangoes Wild is my go-to shade! I love the Juicy Shakers so much. I also really like that UD bronzer. For some reason the ratio of packaging around the edge to product makes me really happy because I'm a weirdo. Also, those L'Occitane hand creams are amazing, and as I have the advent calendar for this year I get to restock! I prefer the shea one or the dry hands one in terms of scent, so I'll give the stronger scent ones that come in the calendar away to friends & family. I hope you and the family are well!

  5. I've been using the Shaker on my lips since you recommended it and Birthday Cake is my daily must have now! Also, could you do a hair care favorites because your hair looks lusciously healthy <3

  6. Hi Jen, be careful with caudalie beauty mist it is not as hydrating as you may thought because it contains alchohol so it can dries your skin in the end. Avocado oil is really good for dry skin you should give it a try ?

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