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Đây là 2 kỳ nghỉ tôi sẽ mặc mùa này !! Một lớn cảm ơn bạn để bareMinerals hợp tác với tôi + tài trợ cho video này! …


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  1. OK, taking the plunge! I hardly ever wear makeup but we're going out tonight for NYE. I bought a bunch of the products you used here (already had some similar things at home so I didn't break the bank). I did the first look for hanging out with friends last night and it wasn't hard. Tonight I'm going to try the second one. Wish me luck! It's a little intimidating.

  2. i love this so much! i wish you would do more makeup looks!! they're my favorite! <3 and i DEFINITELY need to try out that foundation and eye shadow palette!

  3. OK– Ingrid — #1 love your videos #2 you have probably done this but if not use a lip brush to apply your red etc lip stick really maneveurs the lines #3 MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!!!!!!!!

  4. We're brow twinsies! The Anastasia Dip Brow Pomade in Taupe was exactly what I used to use, but now I go for the NYX version (cannot remember the name). It has a nicer price tag and I actually find that it stays creamier for longer!

  5. Hi Ingrid!
    Have you ever considered doing a cruelty-free make up tutorial? I really love your videos and try to recreate a lot of your looks at home. You're actually one of the first people who taught me how to do make-up. I only shop cruelty-free products though because there really is no reason to test on animals. I know that a lot of the products you use are sponsored, but would you consider doing a video where you review or do a tutorial on cruelty-free products?
    I've tried to find some good videos online before, but the cruelty-free specific make up community is really small and I think it would be great if you talked a bit about good brands and good products that don't test on animals.

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