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Stephen bày tỏ cảm xúc của mình về phản ứng cảm xúc hữu ích nhất đối với việc quay phim hàng loạt ở Sutherland Springs, Texas. Đăng ký "The Late …


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  1. Sprinklers happened. Sewed happened. Running water happened. Seatbelts happened. Building codes happened. Laws happened. All it takes is enough deaths and enough victims saying enough is enough. Right now, the only victims saying that are the Newtown ones. Everybody else seems to be saying "More guns." So we all know what this means, from lessons in our past: It means we need more deaths, until people can see. Until then, everyone needs to talk louder.

  2. search for the video “Why restrict 'good' gun owners, resident asks President Obama at town hall” .. if only every american could hear what’s said there, with their ears unplugged.

  3. I have no problem with poeple having guns hell everbody just get guns just make the bullets expensive like 1 bullet 10000 dollars guns without bullets just shoot air if they shoot at all

  4. What the hell is wrong with American people
    If everybody has gun so if any insignificant stupid person have a bad day its a massacre
    Just because someone had h very bad day a lot of people die
    How about government do their job to keep people safe and not give anyone who wants weapons for massacre

  5. Hey conservative morons…. Have they taken God out of the church now, as well? That's what you say when other shootings happen (especially schools). Looks like your impotent God isn't even in your churches.

  6. The person that confronted the shooter WAY before the cops was a patriot with a GUN and those two patriots that chased him down were armed and ready. It's obvious that the time for gun laws is over this guy coulda god this gun without even thinking about it. Laws don't stop this kind of violence…fight fire with fire.

  7. Guns save lives?
    Unless someone is drowning and you use your gun to pull them out, then no. Guns don't save lives, they take them.
    A guns purpose is to kill.

  8. 2:03. Build a fence. Isn't Colbert the hypocritical little Bitch. He makes fun of Trump for wanting to build a wall against illegal immigrants coming into the country. As far as the shooting goes I won't take solace from a man (Colbert) who mocks God in numerous acts and who is probably an Atheist himself.

  9. I think perhaps it may be partially a culture issue. We have many guns in Canada, but I think we own them for different reasons, and I think maybe we have a different respect for them. I know many people with guns, and none of them feel as though we should pack them wherever we go. I think our gun laws make good sense here for the most part, and I hope our laws don't change because of the things that happen in other countries. We do have the odd shooting, but certainly nothing on the scale of what's been happening in the USA. I mean no disrespect to the US people when I say these things. I know some will like, and some will dislike my words. And perhaps I might feel differently about our gun laws if I was seeing people in my country disrespecting weapons. I hope for everyone that people can use these in a less offensive way.

  10. Good thing a God fearing Armed Texan took down the armed psychopath. The Police didn't arrive until after the atheist bastard was stopped. A Texan Shepard protected his sheep. Turning all Americans into sheep only allows the wolves to have a bigger feast. When you give up liberty for security you end up with neither security nor liberty. Outlawing a bump fire stock will not solve the killers mindset. You can take a wooden dowel put it in the trigger guard and you can bump fire a pistol rifle or a shotgun. Again worthless legislation against Semiautomatic Rifles is not the answer that will stop a madman on a killing spree. He may jump in a heavily armored truck and just kill that way. Or find a way to make a bomb. When someone sets their mind to harming another especially innocents. That person will find a way. So attacking the natural freedom of being able to protect yourself and your property by legislation will not stop the wolves in our society. "The deadliest weapon in the world, is a Marine and his rifle. It is your killer instinct which must be harnessed if you expect to survive in combat. Your rifle is only a Tool. It is a hard heart that kills. …" Gunny Hartman

  11. Funny how this idiot Colbert and you uninformed morons on the Left, fail to address the fact that Hussein and our last administration were the ones who allowed this "bump stock", the ones who prevented any legislation against, the ones who voted against "semi-auto" guns and guns in general to be banned in public areas such as federal, state and local Parks. Furthermore, one without that "ignorance" virus going around would also conclude with "why now"?? Why is MSM and these lunatics like Noah, Oliver and this hack Colbert all of a sudden so interested, outraged and or outspoken about "gun reform". Why no outroar during the last horrible 8 year's? Why no mention of Obamas refusal to enact stricter gun laws? Why, the reason lies within the clear hypocrisy which is agenda and financially driven. Open your eyes. Do some research. Look up gun laws, legislation, etc. Find out for yourself not from millionaires who travel with armed forces, such as this fuckin lunatic!

  12. Do you think those people in that church that heard the shots said "we need gun legislation"? No they said "I wish I had a gun" I love Stephen but the answer isn't taking guns away cause its too late there are dozens of guns per human in the USA…we need to arm our selves and defend like our forefathers intended.

  13. Well it's easy… remove the guns!!!! It's an old western way of thinking and we live in modern times!!. You don't need guns to protect yourself if there are no guns!!!!

  14. Follow me for a moment…… pro choice. Its all over the media… criminalizing abortion past 20 weeks. At 20 wks a fetus can feel pain. At 22 weeks can, though only 2% chance, live outside the womb. Right? And the left and extreme left are in rage about their rights. Right to choose. And then in the same news cast they discussed gun control. I chuckled. So…. abortion kills approximately 700,000 lives each year in the United States. Crazy right? I had no idea and Im pro choice. But….. 35000 gun related deaths a year. Let that sink in. You want to take away the right to own a gun but want the right to end a life. Without regulation. Without a limit. Without second party approval. My body. .. nevermind the dad may want the baby. You want the right to end a life. … but freak out about guns? You realize only 17000 homicides occur in the United States each year…… I guess, I just dont get it. Am i missing something? 42000 suicides, 74000 rapes, 400,000 medical error related deaths….. and your argument is gun control?
    "Shall not be infringed"

  15. I'll never understand why americans think that gun regulations wont work? Just look at other countries ffs! THEY WORK! Of course people would still be able to get guns but it will much,much harder.

  16. Im just gonna state that I'm extremely liberal, and you will never and I mean NEVER take away my right to own a gun. High powered guns are out there for a reason. If your government turns in to Soviet Russia, you better damn well want as much fire power as you can get.

  17. Having rights means that some people will abuse those rights to ill ends. If you want to give up your rights for "safety", then go somewhere else. This is America.

  18. I believe there's a lot of evil people in the US, and just about everywhere else in the world. To those Americans who still think that they've got all the human thugs on the planet while the rest of the developed world just have semi-angels who wouldn't shoot no one even if they had the same gun laws. WAKE THE F UP. This is never an issue about America having too many bad people who should all be deported, as your dear President Trump repeatedly insisted. Btw if my facts are correct, this gunman is white. So was that other killer in Las Vegas. Deporting all the Mexicans and Muslims in the world wouldn't solve your country's bizzare phenomenon of routine mass shooting by crazy white guys.

  19. People are currently frightened to say “I don’t support the Second Amendment in its current form…” because they are afraid of being labeled “unpatriotic” or “unAmerican”.
    It will take time for people to realise that the more courageous answer is to say “you know what…? Nah… we’re beyond guns now and we love our country. We feel we can love it more if fewer citizens get shot all the time…”
    Stephen is correct. It is a vicious cycle. Buy a gun to feel less helpless and more in control and you are sucked in to a cycle of fear. It is not entirely different from the addict who has their first hit to keep depression at bay; it’s a self defeating cycle…
    When people feel strong enough to comfortably voice “I’m a patriot and I think guns are a sign of a weaker, fearful and less civilised mind/nature/personality/psyche…” then the tide will turn, but getting gun lovers to come to terms with that implication is tough; try telling a gun nut that they’re not too different psychologically from a drug addict… I’m not sure I’d be game to do it to their face…?

  20. Voting has led US to having a clown on charge. You need education for an effective voting, and for education to be effective, you need to separate belief with facts.
    None of those work in U.S.A.

  21. Hey didn’t you praise communism last week. Didn’t you know it is responsible for over 100 million deaths in the twentieth century. Most being of Christian and Buddhist faith. Most of the mass shootings are by atheists. We do not have a gun problem we have a godless problem.

    My thoughts and prayers go out to my brothers and sisters in Christ that have been effected in this event. To them that have passed we mourn your lost but rejoice in our being together again.

    1 Thessalonians 4
    13 But I would not have you to be ignorant, brethren, concerning them which are asleep, that ye sorrow not, even as others which have no hope.
    14 For if we believe that Jesus died and rose again, even so them also which sleep in Jesus will God bring with him.

  22. Those who like guns never actually used them to defend themselves, they just dream about it. They're weack and sick people. If you have never been in the police or army you don't need guns.

  23. Love that after every mass shooting happens that gun debates start, but their ignoring if bad people want to do bad things they will find a way to do those bad things

  24. Evil people are the cause of the killing. Its not the gun because ultimately the killer was stopped by a very brave citizen with a weapon. Guns are not the issue its sick people.

  25. I love Colbert but I don't see myself as someone on either side of the political aisle because I'm on both for soooo many different issues. I'm not even going to talk about gun control because whether I state my opinion or not, people will judge accordingly (to their own beliefs). The only thing I will say is that there already are black markets for guns. Prohibiting them will just make it worse. It's no different than prohibition on weed, coke, heroin, opiates, alcohol, or many other things. Even banned books are still read. Banned video games are still played. It doesn't matter how much the government tries to control things, people who want those things will find a way to get them. Just like finding a hitman or buying a car. These things will and do find a way to happen and a blatant ban on weapons will do nothing.

  26. Its strange how nations with few guns hardly have massacres, isn't it? Not never, but rarely. There is a dilemma of course, even if laws were now passed that restricted gun sales and restricted weapon modification, the amount of guns with such modifications, and the amount of weapons, unregistered weapons even, in circulation, makes it a nightmare situation. Even if all the regulations took place tomorrow, there could be decades before actual change was felt. That said, if one does nothing, nothing will ever change, and a century from now the violence will continue, it might even have escalated. The longer one delay the longer it will take for a change to materialize.

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