Alex & Marko đã trở lại Ireland để có chuyến đi xuyên qua 10 món ăn nhẹ của Ireland. Họ sẽ phản ứng như thế nào? TRIỂN ĐƯỜNG TRÍ …


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  1. ☘ Lads for your next trip you NEED some Irish tea! Legend has it that the Irish drink more tea per capita than the Chinese. The nation is divided between Barrys and Lyons lovers! Did you try an Irish chipper? Batter sausages and curry chips! And definitely tayto cheese and onion between 2 slices of Kerrygold buttered white sliced pan (bread) ? miles better than that shite sweetened American butter! Loved your reaction to the mikados… 100% accurate ?

  2. ? Kimberly Machado and coconut creams? I'm Irish. I too hate Kimberly! Chipsticks are the best! I like my vinegar with a side of chips so chipsticks are just crisp versions of chipper chips c

  3. First of all, northern Ireland is different to the republic of Ireland. They are from the united kingdom. We are our own nation. 32 united. After brexit were getting the country's back boys. TAL

  4. N'fheadar cad a cheapfaidh na Meiriceánaigh go bhfuilimid ag caint faoi má fhéachann siad ar an trácht seo. Cosúil má tá a fhios agat cad atá á rá agam.  🙂

  5. Like I’m from Dublin and I’ve never had the crackers mikado kimberly that moody cheese or Coleen wtf ahahah and sea weed ? Omg I didn’t know you can eat seaweed ?

  6. We don’t talk like that ahhahaha and I’ve never even have a fig roll or a mikado thing ?? like what is cream crackers and is the cheese you got expired because I’ve only ever seen us eat mozzarella ?? why didn’t you try the modern food not granny food ?❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ btw I love Oreos

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