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  1. I'd love to see your baking videos and a baking cupboard tour! You have inspired me to buy more cute baking bits for my Christmas baking presents! Love the snowflake sprinkles! Fabulous video 🙂 thank you xxx

  2. You should go to deco bake In Ireland it's like got everything American in there every colour of the gel food colouring you got, 100s of can tins 100s of sprinkles and moulds, they have everything you actually wouldn't believe it, I always go there 🙂

  3. You know Zoe, you almost have 10 million subscribers. Wich means more than the half of the population of The Netherlands. That's so freaking awesome oh my god

  4. i start watching more zoella during the christmas season. it gets me in the festive mood, each year it becomes more and more of a holiday tradition alongside baking gingerbread and listening to mariah carey

  5. You don't shop in aldi so you won't know this but last time I went they had an amazing display of copper pans and pots of which you can buy! I thought I'd let you know because as soon as I saw it I thought 'Zoe would LOVE THIS!' ❤️❤️ great vid btw I'm also a fellow baker?

  6. always shop in asda for cake decorations & sainsburys for cake tins etc. the ones near me are always stocked up great with food colourings, sprinkles and all that type of stuff

  7. I know u will not see this but I love u so much zoe and if u do see thus can u follow me on instagram my name is lucy_langfordxo. I would love it if u did xxxxxx

  8. Baking is my passion! It makes my day (apart from the clearing up). One of my favourite recipes is the carrot cake from the primrose baking book! Heavenly!

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