Cố gắng để có được anh trai nhỏ của bạn để thử Escargot


Caleb cố gắng để có được em trai của mình để thử và ăn Escargot, ốc sên kiểu Pháp. Được quay ở Iceland Bản quyền Mark Wolters 2017 USA Today & …


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  1. Hope you can pay for that lot when they grow up. Spoiling them now isn't wise. Hope for your sake you have a good pension coming your way… They'll bleed you dry

  2. It's great to watch that you tried local food. Tourists are always afraid to do that. my son love fog legs and also duck. I've been taking him to the restaurant when he was only 2 weeks old since I've no problem because he always behave.
    love watching you're videos. Question do you a already stay in Bulgaria ?

  3. Mark….Your Boys Are ABS0LUTLY AD0RABLE!!!! Your Family Is Soooooooooo Loving!!!! Love Your Videos!!! Have You Ever Done A Video In Sicily??? I'm Sicilian!!! ?☺?☺?☺

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