Jeff Fager và Lesley Stahl Trong 50 năm trong 60 phút


Nhà sản xuất điều hành '60 Minutes 'Jeff Fager và nhà báo không khí Lesley Stahl nhìn lại một nửa thế kỷ của chương trình tin tức biểu tượng. Đăng ký…


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  1. I think the best thing a journalist can do to make amends for actions that turned out to be part of this mass deception that ended up getting thousands of US and allied troops and hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians killed unnecessarily would be to confront the public and private officials who orchestrated and profited from that deception.

  2. I notice the graphics in the thumbnails has changed, and though they're fine, I liked being able to tell at a glance whether the video was an interview or not.

  3. donald swamp – AMAZING comment! Amazing that is the only thing you got from the interview. She has nice legs, why not show them? You must have noticed this as well. BTW, I noticed her tugging her skirt ONCE.

  4. Miss Lesley.. you shouldn't blame yourself.. The CIA couldn't even convince the President that there were no weapons of mass destruction…. all because he wanted there to be WOMD for an excuse to go in. Not your fault..

  5. Leslie seems to think that she was the Defense Secretary and Foreign Intelligence advisor to G.W. Bush. Surely he didn't use the media above his own resources as information to start a war.

  6. "Did you feel any culpability at that point for having supported the start of a war that was launched for unjust reasons?"

    How is it that a comedian can straight up ask this question without hesitation?

  7. Only journalists who did not ask the right, professional questions could ever believe the lie that Iraq had WMO.
    One of the darkest chapters of US journalism. Today, it gives credibility to Trump's fake news claims.
    P.S. I once worked with Harry Reasoner on 60 minutes. He was an outstanding journalist.

  8. I have been here for all 50 years. The show is a national treasure and figures biggly in Journalistic history. That people diss the program as some kind of partisan shit show shows how, for some responsible journalism is their adversary. Very high standards over the span of decades. Congratulations and thank you. Not fake news.

  9. How low is your IQ? How ignorant, uneducated and trailer are you? To watch Stephen Colbert. You party like he's part of your crew: "Me and Stephen Colbert …" Why is his voice so high and squeaky? Honest men do not speak like him. His sick hate of Trump the Great makes Trump all the more Great. And us, too, the majority of the U.S., whom you all hate. The liar Stephen Colbert is a puppet for the CBS Plantation. Many weak minded are brainwashed. A dream come true for our enemy Russia and Putin. Ha, your hate is 8 years too late. Your hate makes us all feel like we're all Trump the Great. Keep pretending you're Stephen Colbert. Keep posting your lame jokes and bitter comments here. Pitiful.

  10. To paraphrase the great Martin Short: "I met Lesley Stahl one time. A lovely woman: she smiled, a hunk of makeup fell off, but she caught it because she knew she could glue it back on later. Total pro."

  11. There's something incredibly remote, alien, and distant about the way they talk about their approach to journalism. In the same sentence, they limply give sympathies to puerto rico… and then gush over a young inspirational artist (I assume, white) immediately after. and then later make a casual joke about weinstein and psychical violence! hm. a different generation, i suppose. i'm happy to say i loved 60 minutes growing up. i'm even more happy to say i outgrew it.

  12. Lesley Stahl, will be 76 on Dec16, looks like she had what I think is called a ‘lifestyle face lift’ with an outstanding perfectly beautiful result. A lovely lady inside & outside even without any surgical enhancement. My compliments on her consistently exceptional reporting all these years, (also major props to the facial reconstruction surgeon). Correct me if I’m wrong anyone.

  13. It's a shame a woman on the news feels she has to show off her legs, she kept pulling the skirt down. , trivializes her journalism chops all the fox news babe's also are close to pulling off an underwear flash when they move. Don't see the men flashing in open leg short shorts.

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