Back in My Day with John Lithgow: Stranger Things, Domino’s Pizza Tracker App


Seth and John Lithgow reminisce about a simpler – albeit recent – time when Taco Bell didn’t sell a Naked Egg Taco. » Subscribe to Late Night: …


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  1. The McDonald's thing actually makes sense. The ice cream and shake machines 'go down' frequently – which is often code for we cleaned them well ahead of the store closing and don't want to have to clean them again OR we forgot to clean it last night and can't be bothered now. In my area, if you want to count on getting a shake you go in between 2:00 (they had time to clean it after the lunch rush was over) and 8:00 (nobody cleans it that far in advance of closing).

  2. Back in my day, there was no cable tv in my city until I was 19 (1986). If I wanted to watch mtv, I had to go to a friends house in the county or watch it during the summer in ocean city, MD. Hard times yo.

  3. Sorry, but "Back in my day"for someone born in 1945 (John Lithgow) or even 1973 (Seth Meyers) does not include iPhones, or even phones with video. How about phones with a rotary dial?

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