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Frontier U2 Bono không thể cảm thấy như anh ta ở trong thiên đường sau khi được đề cập trong Paradise Papers, một tài liệu bị rò rỉ chứa bí mật …


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  1. There are 13 countries in which atheism is punishable by death. There are 18 countries where homosexuality is punishable by death. ALL of them are Islamic.
    Islamic nations rank lowest in women's rights. In fact, cruel and unusual acts of violence are regularly carried out on women on a systematic basis in these nations. Islamic nations which do not have oil as a resource are backward, both in terms of technology and economy.
    Most of the terrorist groups active today commit similar acts of terrorism that are in line with the Islamic doctrine and claim to do so in the name of Allah enshrined in the Koran.
    There are thousands of Islamic terror groups active worldwide. ISIS and al-Qaeda are just the ones that got popular.
    Islam demands exclusiveness. And demands domination over other faiths. This makes it incapable of adjustment and co-existence.

    Everyone should see this videos.

    The Islamic hatred of Gays and Lesbians

    "Why Don’t I Criticize Israel?" – Sam Harris Podcast

    ISIS Magazine LAUGHS at the West's "Islam is a Religion of Peace" Narrative

    Sam Harris on The Mind of a Jihadist

    Sharia Law 101 – the essential statistics

    Hitchens explains Islam and why it is so STUPID.

    The DUMBEST Muslim Ever – Islamist Roasted

    Islam, Free Speech, and the Self-Hatred of the "Lunatic Left" – Anne Marie Waters in Stockholm 2016

    The Horrifying case of #SaveDinaAli

    Why People Reject Islam Ep1: Trump's useless muslim ban

    Sarah Haider: Ex-Muslim

    60 Minutes EDL Tommy Robinson On Islamic Extremism

    Why Arabs Lose Wars

    #RegressiveNews: Australia Bans Criticism of Islam

    Muslims Cannot Be Feminist: Feminist or Muslim, Never Both

    Sharia for Dummies

    The Bloody History of Islam – The Real Story of Muhammad's Death Cult

    Paedophilia & child marriage in Islam

    12 Worst Places To Be BORN A GIRL!

    My Life As An Ex Muslim In Islam

    The Failure of the Moderate Muslim

    Islam & Consent: Just as Bad as You Think it Is

    Suicide Bombings and Islam: An Apologist's Guide

    Muslims Hate Gay People – A Study in Comments

    Islam is a Religion of Peace – Debunked (Islam is Peaceful – Refuted)

    Criticising Islam is Islamophobia – Debunked (Islamophobia Refuted)

    What Arab Muslims don't want black people to know about them!

    Islam – A Letter From an Ex Muslim

    "You hate democracy, yet exploit its freedoms!!!" Awesome reporter shuts down Muslim teacher

    The Stream – Muslim Patrol police London streets

    What British Muslims Really Think

    Feminists Should Oppose Sharia Law

    What British Muslims Really Think

  2. No wonder we've been standing still for forty years — all our tax money has gone off shore. We the people have had to pay for everything and since we ain't got nothing it leaves us feeling like we're living in a banana republic. Hey, we even have a dictator.

  3. Democraps, Repubeicants… The wealthy and their CORPORATIONS RULE THE THE WORLD.. Listen to the late and STILL GREAT Mr. George Carlin- May he eternally Rest In Peace. Check out Mr. Carlin dropping some truth on democracy in the USA here on Youtube….

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