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Donald Trump Jr. không thể giữ chân sự thật của mình. Và, vào Ngày Bầu Cử, ông cũng phải đấu tranh với những ngày tháng và những từ ngữ. Đăng ký "The Late Show" …


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  1. Colbert the commie loving hypocrite was just dandy with the race baiting propaganda ad by Northman but if was a conservative the whining and bitchy virtue signaling would commence

  2. Liberals such as this one, go straight to blaming Trump on something that is not his fault. I don't like or dislike Trump, I am just stating facts… Virginia is highly Democratic state and has not had a Republican running it for years and years and years..ect…Gillespie was already projected to lose since the very beginning before Trump even endorsed him. The polls had Gillespie getting dominated earlier this year, then Trump endorsed him and he rose very highly in the polls, and just recently there was only a 3% difference with Ralph winning still though. Gillespie was going to lose with or without Trump because Virginia is a VERY Democratic state. But Trump did help Gillespie raise in the polls, just not enough to win the VERY DEMOCRATIC STATE OF VIRGINIA. I just don't think it's right to blame the loss on Trump when Ed Gillespie was going to lose either way, and Trump actually helped Ed because he was getting dominated before Trump stepped in.

  3. Trump won the presidency by a fluke of the voting polls. I doubt another republican will be elected in America after he leaves office. America will immediately begin its final socialist descent into liberalism, atrocious taxes, social rot beyond human belief, MS-13 running for local office and EVERYBODY will be looking to leave this country altogether because it has turned into the murder capital or the world. You liberals are self sacrificing.

  4. I blocked this guy and yet again the third time he's showing up on my newsfeed maybe the government has an agenda but seriously f*** this dude

  5. Sorry Stephen.Couldnt even mouth an apology to the joke…Devout…NOT…mmm…context doesn't trump symbolism.sad he wasnt able to see it.Unable.Just because you go back to YOUR playpens doesn't mean buildings don't occupy their own residents…they have one…mmm…yea…unable.

  6. Number 1 Hilliary carried The State in 2016, the fat moron 71 yr-unhinged Tweet from the Shittierrrrrr lagoon did not, get out more you over weight horses ass. Number 2 which is really a Number 2- JR is really one step lower then his box rocks Parent, OOF! This is what the Nation actually the seditious conspiracy know as YOUR CONGRESS put in charge.

    In the 365 days since Trump's victory, he's tortured his Twitter followers, frequently using his account to fire off unhinged rants, personally attack his enemies, and even threaten nuclear war. But for those brave souls out there who've got Trump mobile notifications enabled, the past year has been so, soooo much worse. This is just one of thousands who think the Trump dynasty became worse then ANTHRAX. Trump resign you fat toilet tweeting Dungapopsicle stick.. Past Presidents ???? Current NITWIT n Charge-?.

    To the many who will attempt to engage me in disparaging rhetoric war, will not spend one second more to insult you knuckle dragging moron's, why, because your opinion's NOT THAT IMPORTANT or intelligent enough. Just turn your tv on and watch Cartoons. Geez us you have a cartoon in the Far East making and even more of imbecile out of himself..

    Want Clown entertainment, just purchase tickets to Barnum and Bailey, least they are entertainting. The 71 orange unhinged dodo, belong wearing a white jack which will allow him to hug himself.

  7. It is possible that Don Jr. wanted to say VOTE TOADIE aka the right hand ogre of Duke Igthorne of Disney's Adventures of the Gummi Bears? He still would have misspelled his name though. Btw is anyone else thinking Don Jr. wanted Igthorne to win over the Gummi Bears when he was a kid?

  8. Fuck off, Colbert. Your show is supposed to be entertaining an light hearted, NOT some late night PRAVDA, propaganda bullshit. If you wanna play stupid bullshit, quit the show. Fucking cock sucking pussy.

  9. Because it was Trump speaking, I had a fearful moment expecting he was going to reveal the position of those military assets (…and they're right now positioned…) but I guess he realized just in time that this would be a bad idea. I misunderestimated him. Somewhat. In a way.

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