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Đầu năm nay, Ellen và Walmart đã làm ngạc nhiên toàn bộ lớp cao cấp của Brooklyn's Summit Academy với học bổng đại học bốn năm.


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  1. This is so amazing to see! I come from place where it is expected of you to go to uni or trade school. This is literally opening my eyes to realize that I have an exceptional privilege because I do go to University and I should treat it as such.

  2. The ppl that disliked this video are probably a hater, jealous, don't want to see these ppl succeed. They're probably are so unhappy… they want that toxic to spread.. I feel for them… I feel sorry for them! Bc they don't want to see people without a chance in hell to make.. its truly is sad. I hope they make graduate and give back to the community ❤️

  3. Fantastic! So inspirational! You go kids! The pressure's on – you go and prove your parents, Ellen, Walmart and all of us rooting for you, right! Go do your best, be your greatest! We'll be watching, checking, cheering – keep it UP! (then, and only then, will you be allowed to whip our ass!)

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