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Thông tin thêm về du lịch đến Hamburg: Trong khi phần còn lại của bunker của Thế chiến II là thời chiến …


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  1. The redlight area and the cheap "hotels" where you can rent a room for an hour or two to become intimate with a "swallow of the curb" as tarts are nicknamed over here
     has shifted to the area east of the main station (Hauptbahnhof) in the quarter of Sankt Georg.

  2. I was in Hamburg in 1995, staying with a German friend. He told me I could check out the Reeperbahn on my own, during the day. Nope! As I went up the stairs from the U or S, I was immediately followed by 3 groups of men. Next block, down the stairs I went. I'm African-American. I found out, the only African women in that area were prostitutes (other African women would not have gone there without an escort). Being a relatively tall American woman, I stuck out a lot. Interesting 1st trip to Europe.

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