Idris Elba Chats About (Not) Làm việc với Ellen


Người chiến thắng trong Quả cầu vàng Idris Elba đã nói chuyện với Ellen về việc có thể làm việc tại một câu lạc bộ hài kịch NYC cùng một lúc, và không thể làm việc được


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  1. Idris Elba is 1 of the best actors of his generation .
    It's sad how both sports & music future is horse shit but acting has many great future stars .

  2. I must comment since it isn't disabled this time.
    My family just lost our king,our grandfather and the most amazing husband to my grandma in july. It was really unexpected and tough on our family…when my grandmother saw the commercial to his movie she actually wanted to see it,and kept saying every time it would come on she wanted to see it. She loved the movie and loved watching Idris ! I thought she was going to start getting anxiety in the theater because the last time she went to the movies was with my grandpa and watched the mummy…..well We even took a pic with the movie cutout and said to make sure i get him in the pic! Lol!
    He was amazing in the movie and very handsome! And she could not stop talking about the movie, thank you Idris for a great movie and great movie date with my grandma

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