Kim Jong-Un Is Ending Things With Trump


The supreme leader Kim Jong-un does the unthinkable after President Trump chose not to include North Korea as a stop on his Asia trip. Subscribe…


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  1. Mr.Trump should have visited Kim. Mao in China back "in the day" received visits by U.S. diplomats, even Nixon. Why in politics, is it; they have to follow the "script" to the letter. Donald, you were right there, and it is opposite of your "tough guy" persona, to have blown the oppt'y for dialogue. Now, it looks like " chicken little" all the way back home??????????

  2. My Gawd, Trump's got/is a yuge ass.
    Trump's already supplanted W as Dumbest President Ever and Taft as Fattest President Ever.
    Keep inhaling the taco bowls and KFC, Donald.

  3. someone is also trying to be funny and show a little humor which is insulting if you are smart enough to grasp it.
    OyherWise you just see a video of a KOrean goy riddicuLEd.
    Ki is God
    im is i am
    young we there use as is and
    Un is again I AM n and o… un together makes a O… "as abow so B low"
    So what they are saying is that
    Young GOD I AM that means ME is the KOrean guy and like him
    SeeKING the attention of the older one and behaving like a clown.
    Ragnar a doubLE V there is B is 13 EL upside down and LEaves a 1O if you shut it. England.
    we are mocking them back and more like mocked them thinking they mock me.
    The KOrean IS what United Nations are but just a young version of it… totaly mad and cruel and calling themselves stupid shit like
    Supreme leader and such.

  4. Kim's Facebook Friend's list is hilarious….
    * Kim has only 3-4 friends (3 after ditching Trump).
    * One of his pals is a sea cucumber.
    * The sea cucumber has thousands of friends.
    * Kim is friends with Harvey Weinstein.
    * Weinstein has literally only 1 friend – Kim Jong-Un.
    * The sea cucumber has more friends than Weinstein & Kim.

    Also; "Magic Albino Sea Cucumber"? Is that related to the North Korean cave-dwelling unicorn?

     Also; Staring at women's shoes, kid's footwear and turning his uncle into lube!

  5. the "SUPREME LEADER" is not that one… it`s the pope in Rome`s titLE. and the RoLE of King of england and emporer of britain they call the Souvereign Leader….
    it is just those two they call that.
    Ragnar. so lets see what the pope has to say….

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