Sau một thắng lợi lớn trong Ngày Bầu Cử, các nhà Dân chủ cố gắng ghi nhớ những gì đang diễn ra. Đăng ký theo kênh "The Late Show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. Pundits, media and LWers are pushing for impeachment harder and harder, therefor, the less likely the GOP congress will want to do it. (Stubborn resolve is the strength of social conservatives and their voters, hehe.) The longer the Trump gong show leads the Republicans, the worse it is for them short and long term. Frying pan / fire.

    Both parties are cracking apart. The engineered two party monopoly is in jeopardy. Stay tuned. Watch Brietbart create chaos in the American Right and watch the GOP stagger about like a confused zombie. Watch Bernie Sanders and his movement eventually consume the Left, and watch the crippled Democrats gravitate toward the center in a bid to attract demoralized, moderate Republican voters.

    In the near future, many political financiers will prefer to invest solely in the spineless but sane Democrats, instead of unpredictable Bannon-Fascists that may come to occupy THE Party of Trump. (Yes, you are finally off the hook, Abe.)

  2. Seriously, this year feels longer. But the one good thing is that our generation is now at the age to run for office and is gonna change some shit around here.

    Because resiliency matters. If you're in your thirties, like me, you remember when the internet didn't exist. You remember attempting to learn to navigate communication online. And that growing pain of how an anonymous user can be very cruel and how that cruelty is real.

    We're some of the best educated young people in recorded history and we have access to global knowledge via the internet. Our generation and the ones after us (90s babies, early 2000s babies), we are gonna help you people do some amazing shit. But first we gotta lance this wound, drain it, treat it and begin to heal it.

  3. Murphys jump/dance move reminds me of Seinfeld show Elaine Benices sweet dance moves!lol Trumps presidency is gonna end like the last episode of Seinfeld in a jail cell!

  4. hey stephen colbert: We have a Great President. And his name is President Donald J. Trump!!! And you Stephen Colbert still are AND forever be NOTHING MORE than a CHEAP LAME CLOWN IN A SUIT. LOL. FUCK OFF Stephen Colbert. and everytime you face at a camera remember that… LOL

  5. I was already proud of my state of Virginia, but I didn't know just HOW badass my state was until today! 15 seats in the Virginia legislature. 15. 15 victories I didn't even know about until today.

  6. If Everything Is About Trump, Then So Is Losing Elections https://youtu.be/NemvyCnUZiM via @YouTube dot dot dot There is at least one good thing that has come of Trump winning the Presidency, at least for one American family. Yeaaa ( New hat ) "Make Nixon look great Again" dot dot dot  LMFAO in Canada   : )

  7. Lmao!
    Kicking his ass?
    He's still the President and strolling around in China.
    Where's Hillary again?
    After that 'fun' remark I won't even have to watch the remainder of this fail.
    Thanks for saving me some time.

  8. "…the downside of Narcissism.." You aren't kidding! The NPD father or mother is probably THE most dangerous and damaging personality type next to a sociopath, that you can get. Feel sorry for their children. Very sorry. It's too bad Donald keep didn't escape somewhere when he turned 18 then called for his siblings when they did to salvage the family. :p Hey, maybe that's why v that Anonymous Trump Daughter keeps her distance! The one Donald doesn't like…

  9. Trump: “We’ll be winning so much you’ll get sick of winning, believe me.”

    Voters: “You were right, we’re now sick of winning.”
    Republicans proceed to lose tons of races around the country

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