‘House Arrest’ Starring Sean Astin As Paul Manafort


Paul Manafort (Sean Astin) proves you can have action, thrills and suspense without leaving the house. Subscribe To “The Late Show” Channel HERE: …


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  1. "House arrest" when you have the kind of house he has is like confining a kid to his room when he has a computer and game console. Not so much a punishment as a chance to catch up on fun things…

  2. Aw. Poor guy. Locked up in his super expensive house, with his super expensive remodel, and super expensive carpets. Totally not a money laundering scam. Not at all.

  3. Hey conservatives, you know who's NOT under house arrest cuffed with an ankle monitor like a treasonous scumbag terrorist? HILLARY CLINTON. Bwahahahaha! Trump is going to die in prison and his own men are going to send him there. Papadopoulos is already squealing like a pig and Manafort, Flynn and Kushner are begging for deals. Tick-tock, tick-tock…

  4. Monologue order:
    1. If Everything Is About Trump, Then So Is Losing Elections
    2. Trump Assures South Korea That He Is Very Good
    3. Jon Stewart Reveals Stephen's Prize In 'Night Of Too Many Stars'

  5. There was no contact or collusion with Russia!

    Except Flynn.
    Well, and Sessions.
    But nobody directly rela…
    Oh, well Donny Jr., sure.
    Ok, and Manafort, obviously.
    And Kushner. Kush was hip deep in all that.
    But other than Don Jr, Flynn, Manafort, Kushner, Sessions, Page and Papadopoulos.. there was NO TRUMP – RUSSIA CONTACT AT ALL!

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